Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I really hope that pain in my ass is my buns turning to steel....

In the last 6 weeks or so that I have been tracking my progress or lack there of, I have come to realize a lot.  The first thing I noticed is that just because a workout is short doesn't mean it's not going to kick your ass.  I have been busy doing short 20- minute workouts once a week to change some things up.  Now the first goal of these workouts are to work my full body, the second is to improve the speed of the workout.  Which includes drink and sweat towel breaks.  This might not sound like a lot but my body is giving me a big "up yours" tonight as I try to sit and type this blog and no position is comfy.
The 2nd thing I learned is that the gym's "Coed Wet Area" may just be cheaper and easier in finding a mate than the local dive bar within walking distance of my apartment, just past the AA meeting hall.  At least that is what a majority of individuals think that hang out in the "Coed Wet Area".  For example, my friend Tina's "sister" loves to embellish her one piece ensemble with a ring of pearls around her neck and heels purchased in the "Capital Hill" area of Seattle.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this area is because of 1 of 2 reasons: you don't live in Seattle and/or you aren't a drag queen.  (For those of you that find this offensive let me know, I will have my public defender contact you)  One also must have a strong feeling of self, completely sure of yourself.  Totally dominating the sauna benches with your heels, pearls, towels, and other things that I don't remember because I had my eyes closed and ran out fast.  This woman is definitely the "Queen Bee" of the sauna and you don't mess with her.  She can control any man with her wicked mullet and one piece suit from the outlet mall.  The one good things for all of you young ladies following my blog, is that the "eligible bachelors" to chose from is endless, just pick carefully.  If you see an old gentleman in the hot tub with a swim cap on and you haven't seen his hands in an half hour beware!  Unless you hear him talking to his financial planner trying to figure out how to rearrange his investments to increase his worth then run far away.  He usually is some creepster that lives above a liquor store and can't afford rabbit ears for his TV.  Unless he has a good imagination, he can't make any sort of naughty images out of the ants running across his screen, then he has to go to the gym hot tub to get a cheap thrill.
Ok, well, I am sure that I will no longer be asked babysit for any families out here in Seattle after this blog!  Anyway, I am getting measurements done again on Thurs so I will have an update.  Sorry it has been weeks since my last blog.  I am starting to feel a moving forward in my progress and wanted to share and not hide.  Still trying to get up enough courage to post pre (biggest loser) pictures.