Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Just a dollar a day you too can Spin your Salad......

Now if I were the CEO for Tupperware, I would want my sales associates coming up with a better sale tactic than "This Salad Spinner comes with many components and for just $45 it will last you a lifetime or 45years.  In 45 years I hope to be sitting at some state paid wrinkle ranch drinking moon shine that I made out of a week's worth of prune juice, I sure hope that I'm not still spinning my salad with some Tupperware product that some old lady with lipstick on her teeth sold me at the VA.  So I decided to save my $45 dollars and just stick my spinach in a gladware container and spin around my kitchen a few times, not only will I have clean leaves, I will also be burning off some calories.
For you faithful 9 followers I want to share that I am getting my measurements taken tomorrow so they will be posted to the blog, also I will be posting my weight and the current circumference of the muffin top.  I hope as well to take/post some pics.  I am going to put this out there because the numbers may be shocking but I need some accountability and that won't happen unless I have the support of my 9 followers.

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