Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May I make a suggestion?

It may be wise to through in a few extra pairs of underpants into your gym bag to have at all times.  Many of you that are reading this have met me in some capacity, and know that I have little secrets.  So all though I have been asked to keep this one to myself I feel that it is important that everyone knows how to properly pack a gym bag especially if you are going straight to work after the gym.
This weekend I was super busy babysitting that I didn't have time to through together my gym bag.  I managed to prepare my food for the day but thought I could pack my bag at 4:15 am before I headed out.  I went through the quick checklist in my head:
Hair brush, check
Q-tips, check
Makeup, check
Extra set of workout clothes for 2nd workout, check
Baby Oil to rub on my biceps before I lift, check
Work clothes, check
Shoes, check
Bra, check
Underpants, check (or so I thought)
If I would have known what was about to transpire then I would have stayed home after I had turn around and go back home to brush my teeth I had forgotten to brush, but I pressed on.  I made it to the gym shortly after 6, yes I did get up at 4:15, but then spent the next hour trying to figure out why I was going through this and then 45 mins to actually get out the door.
So after totally blasting my pecs at the gym, I hopped into the shower quick before work.  After showering I got back to my locker and went to grab my clothes.  I emptied my bag out to realize that I had completely forgotten underpants.  Normally I wouldn't panic to much but I just finished up a serious workout and I hadn't bathed since Sunday, let alone put on fresh clothes.  Going commando was not an option considering the only pants I can fit into right now are thin and have an elastic waist.
Needless to say, I wore the sweaty, dirty underpants all day and even did a 2nd workout tonight.  The underpants went straight into the trash when I returned home.  Don't think I will ever get them clean.
To my fellow gym goers, make sure to stick at least 6 extra pairs of underpants into your gym bag so you are prepared.
Now that I have completely disgusted all of you I know that my "Biggest Loser" pictures will not be as a shock to you.  Yes I have taken the pictures but I don't want to make you throw up twice in one blog.

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