Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you wear socks with water shoes are they considered water socks?

As my alarm buzzed at 4:10 this am I wondered what the hell I was doing?  Then I remembered that I got my measurements yesterday and today was the start of the rest of my life, again.  I made it into the gym at 5:42 and jumped on the treadmill watching the home shopping network.  Not sure why that particular channel was on at the gym, but I'm thinking of ordering a fancy watch and the perfect navy button down to bring out my eyes.
Anyway, I got my warm up on and headed to get my ass handed to me.  Intense circuits to make me realize that taking 8 months off of working out will make you lose your muscles.  It will be awhile until I am able to sport tank tops and show off my chizzeled biceps.
After a great workout and a staring session with the mirror, I headed into work.  Day was going pretty well until my patient asked me if "We were expecting?"  First off, I don't think her and I will ever expect anything and second, I'm not pregnant.  I was so frustrated that I headed to Walgreens afterwards and picked up a pregnancy test, peed on it, and wore the negative test around my neck, maybe the home shopping network will start selling my new necklaces.  Unless you see an infant falling out between a woman's legs then it's best just not to say anything!!!  So I'm asking for comebacks that I can have in my pocket next time that happens.  Feel free to throw out some suggestions. 
After work I headed back to the gym with a friend to check out an aqua class.  Let me tell you, there are some interesting people who hang around the pool at the gym.  I thought people only wore bathing suits and high heels on "Party at the Hard Rock Pool"  Yet another trash show that caught my attention when I was unemployed for a few months this past summer.  Lots of men who think boxers and boxer briefs are appropriate swim attire, which should be worn at all times.  My favorite was the socks with the water shoes.
Class was definitely interesting and I think my friend and I were the only ones under 70.  I was a little embarrassed since I hadn't shaved my arm pits since Tues but fortunately the women next to me hadn't shaved hers since 1943.  
So I know I promised measurements, weight, muffin top circumference and pictures.  Well, enough stalling, I have the measurements, hopefully I will get a chance to take some pictures this weekend.
Before you read and judge, remember I am doing this because I want to get rid of my belly and need support, so keep your negative comments behind my back please!
Weight: 188
Body Fat:  33%, 62lbs of fat, 126lbs of lean muscle
Chest:  42 1/4 inches
Bicep:  14inches
Muffin Top:  45 1/2 inches
Hips:  45 1/2 inches
Thigh:  23 inches
Calf:  15 inches
My goal is to be down to 140lbs by my birthday which is 6 months from Saturday.  I also I hope to have to cut all the sleeves off my shirts because my biceps are huge. 
It's time to head to bed and rest before my cycling class begins in 8 hours........


  1. Hey! The lady with the high heels was keeping it classy with her string of pearls :)

  2. I'm with you girl! Lets go jog this weekend!