Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why yes I am white, and yes I can shuffle....

One thing that I have always prided myself on is my ability to break out the white girl shuffle, usually on a weekend night after a few (many) rounds of cocktails.  I have the moves of Michael Jackson in Thriller after a couple of dirty martinis and "nice" shots.  Of course that is what I would like to believe.  That fact of the matter is that I grew up in a small town in Nebraska where the only movements on a Saturday night was a flip of the head cruzin' main street.  Kevin Bacon wasn't hanging out in the car wash listening to "The Police" and he definitely wasn't playing chicken out in the corn field.
So when I promised my friend that we would check out all the classes at the gym she had no idea what she was in for.  I can do cycling, yoga, or body pump.  But I am about as coordinated as a wet noodle when it comes to any sort of organized aerobic movements.  We lasted about 10 minutes in Zumba class before the teacher stopped the class and asked me to leave because my name isn't Stella and I don't have my groove back.  Even though I had to leave Zumba class she still insists that I attend Hip Hop.  I am going to have to hit the tanning salon and buy a "Snooki" wig before I can go or they will stop me at the door.
So this brought up a great lunch room discussion today.  How far will I go to lose weight and how much life insurance should I take out.  A few ideas that were thrown out there was pole dancing, rock climbing, paddleboarding, and belly dancing.  The problem with belly dancing is that my belly will continue to dance long after the rest of my body stops.  So I am taking suggestions of some unique classes or exercises that would be fun and help me lose weight.  I'm also taking donations for a camera and camera man.  Hopefully tall and attractive who thinks muffin tops are sexy.
In the meantime I will try out the suggestions that have already been put out there.
All I got to say is "Dance Belly, DANCE!"

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  1. A few classes offered by the local community college (within walking distance):
    Hot Cajun Two Step
    East Coast Swing
    Beginning Roller Derby
    Professional Bartending (in case my current job finds out about this blog)