Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe I should become Republican..........

If the Congressman from Illinois was my personal trainer then maybe I would become a republican!!!!  Just kidding but really, the Democrats need to recruit this guy.  I would definitely get out there on the campaign trail if this is what my country is representing...............
Ok, on a serious note, I will never become a republican nor is this my personal trainer.  My weight has stayed the same since last week probably because I didn't have a chance to eat yesterday and today I ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fish and chips (and 3 glasses of wine, but I continued to top the last glass off).  So those of you who are following this blog for wisdom and advise, don't follow my weekend diet!!!

This week is a busy one, between, work, working out, and babysitting I don't have a free minute.  I have already prepared my food for tomorrow and wrote it down in my journal.  I can't eat anything extra!

For those of you that are avid exercisers, have you perfected the "Farmer's Blow"????  Today I took the baby I was watching for a walk and I noticed a runner blowing snot from his nose otherwise known as the "Farmer's Blow".  I grew up in a small town, was around farms, even was in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) but I could never perfect the blowing of the snot in a perfect line from my nose.  If anyone has some pointers I would love them.  I have pissed several people off during races by blowing snot on them and also spitting oranges or other things on them.

Off to bed, the alarm is going off at 4:15 and I'm just finishing my power drink before I hit the sack.

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